About me

So, in late 2016, aged 40, and after having spent 9 months off work on maternity leave with my son (his name’s Ted; he’s a tiny, wild creature) I went back to work full time. It was a 9-5 sales job and I was shocked to discover that almost instantly I felt like shit about it all.

Don't get me wrong, I hadn't always felt like that, but it seems I was a different person since having my son, lack of surprise.

I hated feeling uninspired and overwhelmed and I hated that I couldn’t muster any enthusiasm for it anymore. I also hated who I was when I spoke about my job – I moaned, and I felt out of control, trapped and unfulfilled. I needed a change.

To be honest with you although I thought I was prepared for how much becoming a mum would change my life, I actually wasn’t.  


I told anyone who’d listen that I knew life would be different, but I didn’t know I would change so dramatically. And it knocked me for six.

Bless my naive little heart.

So, I decided to change things.

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I went on, what can only be described as, an enthusiastic, all encompassing, self-development voyage of discovery.

I was that girl who upended everything she thought she knew about herself in the pursuit of working out what she really wanted to do with her life.

My poor boyfriend was totally bemused and a little frightened.

The hardest part is admitting you are not happy with how things are currently and that you need help in moving forwards.


The second hardest part is committing yourself to the process of making change a reality.


And I mean really committing because, as Amy Poehler says, talking about the thing – that’s not the thing – it’s the doing of the thing that’s the thing.

Becoming a coach has been one of the most rewarding and terrifying things I have ever done. I had many battles with myself along the way.


But ultimately, I carried on steadfastly because my desire to change my life was stronger than my fear of failure. And perhaps, more importantly, I couldn’t imagine staying where I was.


That scared me more.

And now I am here, a self-employed coach spinning all the plates - motherhood, career gal, taking care of me, keeping the whole damn show on the road - writing these words for my website and trying to sound inspiring and motivational and not cliched! Regardless of whether I have succeeded with that or not, I know that I can help you make changes happen too, whatever it is you want to do.

In 2017 I didn’t dare dream I’d be here but I am proof it’s totally possible. ​

I could not have done it without the support of my coach and my passion is to help mums just like you (a bit scared, a little lost, overwhelmed, a bit confused, a bit emotional, bloody knackered) to find themselves again, find what they really want to do and then bloody well go out there and start making it happen. 

​So if you are currently feeling stuck in a job you hate, dreaming of a better way to do things but with no idea want you actually want, how to get started or even if you should start at all then you are in the right place.

I am here to tell you it’s ok to not have a tiny clue what you want to do, it’s ok to not have anything worked out and it’s absolutely 100% ok to want better for yourself and to make waves to get it.

If you don’t believe me, don’t worry, you will.

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My absolute passion is mindset work and challenging your thoughts and beliefs to work with you as opposed to against you.

So, let me ask you…

  • How much has becoming a mum changed your big dreams?

  • What do you dream of doing, one day?

  • Do you believe that dream will ever become more than a dream? Why?

  • When do you plan to move towards it?

  • Why not right now?

  • How much time do you think you have?

If any of those made you feel a bit icky then I hear you, I totally get where your head is at right now. 

Let’s talk – I would absolutely love to hear from you.

With love, light and power to you

B x


PS - Other very important things you also need to know about me are as follows… 


I am big into...

<> jazzy, jangly earrings

<> inspirational quotes (sorry, not sorry)

<> Nutella on toast

<> travels to new places

<> laughing till I need the loo

<> a strong 1980s power ballad

<> quality time with good pals

<> crossing things off the list then starting a new list <> oversized fluffy jumpers

<> smooches with the boyf

<> teaching my toddler new words

<> pub lunches

<> a well made G&T

<> the changing of the seasons

<> helping people find & own their passion & purpose.