What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation like no other. It is all about future focus and moving forwards to acheive things in your life. It is an investment in you, an opportunity to work with someone who will help you pin down what you want from your career. It is a relationship of mutual trust and understanding where you as the client have the chance to talk about your life and career and what you want to do with it, without fear of judgement, criticism or unwanted advice or opinion. It will help you get from where you are right now to where you want to be in the future, it’s all about real action to get you there whilst also looking at what’s important to you, what makes you tick and what scares the hell out of you. I believe that everyone has the tools and resources within themselves to makes the changes they want and coaching is about empowering people to see this too. I am not here to fix you or tell you what to do. But I am here to question you, listen to you, challenge you and empower you. It can be a transformational endeavour if you open yourself up to it wholeheartedly.

What happens in a session?

It’s hard to pin it down as every client brings different things to the table and it's very much lead by them, the crux is that we look at things that you may never have properly looked at before - your values, your dreams, your fears, your beliefs, your feelings, we focus on what you want to achieve and then how to go about planning for your future. The sessions are a chance to unpack what’s going on for you right now. Before any coaching takes place we will have an introductory chat to get to know each other a little better and if it feels appropriate I sometimes send questions and exercises to new clients for them to mull over before we start any coaching – but this is entirely based how the client likes to communicate. The heart of any coaching session is honest dialogue through questions and listening. You are in total control of what we discuss and how deep we go. After each session there is time for a bit of reflection and thoughts on what to do before we next speak.

What's the difference between counselling/therapy and coaching?

The biggest difference is that coaching is concerned with your future and not your past. Coaching is for people who feel they are fundamentally on an even keel with regards to their mental wellbeing but that something is just not right, or something is missing that they want to address. Maybe you feel frustrated, unmotivated or overwhelmed or that you are not living the life you want. We may look at your past in terms of how it has made you who you are today and what you have learnt, but we won’t delve into why you are the way you are. If you have deep rooted personal issues based on your past or traumatic experiences than counselling or therapy is the route you would follow, coaching is also for you but maybe not just yet.

Why don't I just talk to my friends/family then?

There are huge benefits to talking to those you love about your life and your dreams, this is not in question, however no matter how hard they try these people in your life will not be able to give you a neutral or unbiased space to talk – they know you too well, they are too emotionally involved with you, they will have opinions and agendas that will come into play. A coach has none of these things – you can talk openly and freely and without fear of judgement or unsolicited personal advice – you have nobody in your life that can do this for you other than a coach. None of us have someone in our lives who will listen to us and question us as a coach will. This means you are free to work things out for yourself in your own space and time and come to decisions that are right for you. I will never tell you what I think you should do you – because then that’s my agenda and not yours.

Can I be coached?

I believe that coaching is for everyone – everybody has goals and dreams they want to achieve – it is what makes us human – the need to feel like we are making progress in some area of our lives, we need to feel we are moving forwards. When we get stuck a coach can help us to see the wood for the trees and keep on travelling. If you are open to being honest and taking responsibility for your own life then you are coachable. If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes' you are coachable baby!

  • Is there something in my life I want to change?
  • Am at a crossroads in my life, uncertain of which way to go?
  • Am I ready to make changes now?
  • Am I ready to invest the time and energy into exploring the changes I want to make?

How long does it take?

I offer a variety of coaching options but I would say that coaching takes as long as it takes – it’s a bit like saying how long is a piece of string. It also depends on what you want to work on – but the power lies with you so the quicker you take the learning from our conversations and make stuff happen the more effective it’s going to be for you. But there is no pressure to do anything quickly – the more we talk the more personal and powerful the coaching process becomes. Take time frames out of it really – you’ll know when you are ready to go it alone.