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Work with me

Ok – some deep and meaningfuls…

  • Have you ever wished that your working life could be different but felt that dream was too far away for you to reach?

  • Do you wish you could change the course of your working life but don’t know where to start?

  • How does that make you feel?

  • Who do you really want to be?

  • How different is that person from who you are right now?

  • What do you need to start making positive changes in your working life?

  • What do those positive changes look like?

  • What scares the living hell out of you about career change?

Coaching is all about helping you understand yourself better and then working with that information to improve your life.


It sounds simple right?

I was coached and it is the reason I am where I am.


If you are curious or keen or scared or excited by the prospect of coaching then get in touch.

I have 2 options for you...

Power and Purpose – Online career change coaching programme for mums (8 week online coaching programme)

In the programme we:

  • Look at shifting the uncomfortable, negative beliefs you may have around changing career or finding a new career direction and your ability to do that now.

  • Look at what is really important to you and how amazing you already are at the stuff you really need.

  • Map out what the next chapter will look like - long term and short term - and the resources you have/need.

  • Set a start date and get you going forwards with purpose.

  • Make sure that by the end of the 8 weeks you will be fully equipped to make the next move and have an action plan in place. No more guilt just excitement and positivity!

For further details of what is included, prices and start dates - drop me a message or CLICK HERE.


I offer single sessions or groups of 5 & 10 sessions. Each session lasts up to an hour. These sessions are super personal, intensive, bespoke support just for you.


You get 100% of my time and attention to help you work through your shiz.

To find out more about working one to one with me ping me a message or book yourself in for a free call here.

I don’t work with anyone before I speak to them so book a free 30 minute chat now and we can find out if coaching with me is right for you right now.


If you have any burning questions right off the bat – check out my general coaching FAQ section or get in touch – I’d be happy to answer your question personally!